A wie Atlas is devoted very modestly to the world. Geography, landscapes, words and places, ways there and the stories about them. A wie Atlas wants to be an observer and logger. He wants to develop thoughts about landscapes through which he moves. He wants to capture them in special images. He wants to discover artifacts. The traces that people leave behind in the landscapes of the world. A for Atlas wants to distance itself from travel as consumption. You won’t find lists of top sights here. Here you won’t find a destination to which the way leads by plane. What interests him is the language of things between things. And the knowledge about the world.

A wie Atlas deals with the beautiful things that are close at hand. So much of it can be found right in the next forest. The spectacle likes to take place without a spectacle.

A wie Atlas is an atlas of things, of small and big places, of quiet and exciting landscapes. An atlas of the traces of people. An atlas of ideas. An atlas of stories. By the way, you won’t find anything here based on the exploitation of any being.

A wie Atlas is a site that has as its theme the world and the Earth. A for Atlas is a collection of thoughts, information and memories. A collection in the form of texts and images.

Thank you for your interest. I am Simon.