A wie Atlas

Geography and
knowledge about the world

US states


The US consists of 50 states, here you can see them all at a glance: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa …

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4 countries belong to Scandinavia, here you can see them all at a glance: Denmark Finland Norway Sweden All the countries of Scandinavia belong to Europe. They are located in …

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Countries bordering China


Here you can see all 14 countries bordering China at a glance: Mongolia Russia North Korea Vietnam Laos Myanmar India Bhutan Nepal Pakistan Afghanistan Tajikistan Kigizstan Kazakhstan The order of …

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Mediterranean countries


23 countries are located on the Mediterranean Sea. The following list shows all these 23 mediterranean countries at a glance: Gibraltar Spain France Monaco Italy Malta Slovenia Croatia Bosnia and …

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Countries of Europe


Europe has 47 countries, here you can see them all at a glance: Albania Andorra Austria Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany …

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Maremma is the name given to the coastal landscape of southern Tuscany in Italy. It stretches from the town of Piombino in the north to Monte Argentario in the south. …

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Berat in Albania


The city of Berat is located in Albania. A little less than a hundred miles south of Tirana, the capital of Albania. How many inhabitants Berat has, I do not …

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Bordering countries of Germany


9 countries are bordering Germany, here you can see them all at a glance: Denmark Poland Czech Republic Austria Switzerland France Luxembourg Belgium Netherlands The order of the bordering countries …

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